Some systems are experiencing issues

Past Incidents

19th February 2024

Network Event - 02/19/24

NextLight is currently experiencing intermittent service disruptions across it's core network. Data (and possibly voice) services are being affected at this time.

The Network Engineering team has been engaged and is actively investigating the issue. More updates to follow as new information becomes available.

  • Since the last update, NextLight teams have observed normal stability of the NextLight network and are now moving back into the "Operational" status. We are continuing to closely monitor the health of the network and associated systems.

    Services have been successfully restored.

  • The network appears to be stable at this time. Teams will continue to monitor for any further anomalies.

  • Operations teams continue to observe issues with intermittent connectivity for NextLight Customers. Teams are going to perform emergency maintenance to the core infrastructure to mitigate this impact. During this maintenance it is possible that you will experience additional intermittent connectivity. We will update this page when the maintenance has been completed.

  • The Network Engineering team is investigating again to isolate the issue and apply a fix.

  • We have applied a possible fix and are monitoring for any further issues.